T&J Panels


The T&J Panel system is an condensed alternative to the traditional effluent system. The smaller system maintains a high quality but is more usable when jobs have limited space for waste, special landscaping needs, if topography/vegetation is a problem, or if there are future plans that are going to require space. They also provide more landscaping flexibility because the lines are only 24" wide.

This system comes with several advantages. These include the effluent is discharged closer to the surface, and that each panel works as it own individual unit, and panels can be grouped in places with the best soil, and is capable of producing a high quality effluent. It can be installed as a gravity, pump to gravity, pump to pressure manifold, or low pressure pipe distribution. T&J Panels are installed similarly to the conventional system and can be inspected or serviced through the lid. The main benefit is that this system takes up less space, without cutting quality.

The system can also be installed both vertically (left) and horizontally (right).