Specialty Items

  • Marmac couplers -- These can be used as a way to repair damaged pipe, or as an adapter. It works by connecting two different kinds of pipe (like metal to plastic, or corrugated to PVC) with an adhesive and metal strips. They are easy to install and a provide a permanent seal in between the two pieces


  • Underground Expansion Foam -- This is used to fill voids in underground pipe systems. (Where a pipe is connected to a box).


  • Foundation Drains -- Used to collect water in order to keep water off a foundation
    • Dimple Board - Plastic board that is adhered to the foundation, giving the water a place to run that is not on the foundation itself


    • Strip Drain - Narrow trench drain that pipes water out and away from the foundation


    • French Drain - Pipe surrounded by an aggregate to absorb and remove unwanted water around a foundation


  • Trench Drains -- Plastic trough with a grate over the top to collect and remove water
    • These can be ordered in several sizes up to 12" wide

(MAIN) Trench Drain

  • ADS Duraslot -- A trench drain built into the top of pipe - available by special order


  • Tile Tape -- removable tape that seals pipe connections
  • Pipe Lubricant -- available if needed for connecting pipe and fittings.