Silt Fence

Silt Fence is a temporary sediment barrier placed around a job site. It works by allowing water to run through the fabric, while forcing soil and silt to settle to the ground. We offer a full array of silt fence options.

  • Silt Fence with Wooden Stakes -- 36" tall x 100' long rolls that uses only 100% oak stakes attached to the fabric, to prevent stakes breaking during installation.

  • Silt Fence Fabric -- 36" tall x 330' long rolls of just the fabric itself.
  • Silt Fence Fabric with Wire Backing -- 36" tall x 100' long roll of silt fence fabric with wire backing
  • Silt Wire - 32" tall x 330' long roll of 14 gauge wire. The holes are 6" x 12" (This is just the wire.)
wire silt fence
  • 5' DOT post (painted with anchor) and 5' Raw T-Post
  • Orange or Green Barrier Fences - 4' tall x 100' long roll of barrier fencing used to as a job site marker to ensure that unauthorized individuals are aware of the site.