• Woven Geotextiles -- act as a barrier between the aggregate and soil. This allows water to filter through while giving added stability to the roadway. The woven fabric will keep mud from surfacing, reduce rutting in roads, and prevent water puddling.
    • Fabric Cloth - 200 lb strength is stocked, but others can be ordered. Size: 12.5' x 432'
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      • sold by the lineal foot, square yard and by the roll


  • Non-Woven Geotextiles -- our non woven fabrics can add years to the life of a road. The non woven fabrics we carry are needle punched to form a strong fiber.
    • Non-Woven Fabric - available in 3, 4, 6, and 8 ounce weights. Size: 12.5' x 360' and 3' x 360' (500 square yards)


  • Soil Reinforcement/Geogrids -- ideal for reinforcing embankments over soft soils, steepened slopes, retaining walls, lagoon closures and landfill lining systems. They are available in uniaxial and biaxial variations depending on your project
    • Biaxial - used for rail tracks support in the ballast and/or in the capping, access tracks, airport pavements, building and foundation support, soft area access, tailing capping, load transfer platforms over piles, ground stabilization and pavement reinforcement.
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    • Uniaxial - uses include retaining walls, bridge abutments, steep slopes and slip repairs
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