Daddy Pete's Products

daddy petes

From their line of organic fertilizers, mixes, soils, and barks, this fellow North Carolina business is all about quality and results! "As a North Carolina Century Farm, we are committed to building upon our rich, farming heritage of knowing and cultivating the true value of a product. We compost it to help you plant, one garden, one farm at a time." We are very proud to be a Daddy Pete’s supplier here at McNeely’s Store! We stock many of their products and have access to their full product line.

Please find below several products we have in stock!

  • Daddy Pete’s Hardwood Mulch - 2 cubic feet/bag
  • Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure - 50 pound bag
  • Daddy Pete’s Mushroom Compost - 25 quart bag
  • Daddy Pete’s Organic Plant Mix - 2 cubic feet/bag